Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Pakulin and his family

Art Exhibition, July 2005
at the Central Exibition Hall Manej, St. Petersburg/Russia

An exhibition of Pakulin’s family works was held in the Central Exibition Hall Manej. Father, son,. mother and daughter's works were representing their remarkable artworks. Pakulin is a legendary person. He is famous for the series of works that he has done during World War II; the winters were very harsh when he came out with his easel to the ruined streets of Leningrad and started to put down laid ahead of him.  He never painted city landscapes before, always preferred the beauty of Russian nature only. The war changed the outlook of this painter. He  has embodied  the historical moments of ruining in the eye site city. In his works one can can see the center of the city, but for starving person this way was way of huge stress. He had to work very fast in winter, in one session, because it was very cold and paints froze quickly, so did his hands. In those series one can feel the hope for liberation from the Blokade. The artist was in his forties when he created these paintings.

Pakulin was born in Rybinsk. He studied at the Petrograd College of Arts under A.E. Kereev and V. V. Lebedev (1916-1917, 1919(?), 1920-1922) and at the Moscow Free Art Studios (VKhuTeMas) under A.E. Kereev and A.I. Savinov from 1922 to 1925.

His versatile career included painting for the theater and working as a graphic artist.

He was a member the Union of the Artists.and started exhibiting in 1922. He took part in their exhibitions such as "New Streams Union", "Artists Circle", etc.

Unfortunately, after the war was finally over, his work got criticized as a "bright example of formalism in arts" and a lot of artworks were destroyed. All of that led to Pakulins death 6 years later. He died in 1951, not ever receiving any recognition nor awards. The most part of his collection was placed in the "gathering room" of the Russian Museum.

The last 20 years a lot of his personal exibitions were held at above mentioned place.. They helped to state a justice, but in fact didn’t reveal the creation of this remarkable painter.