Exhibition of the artists
Maria Alexandrovna Fedoricheva Pakulin (wife)
Ljubov Viacheslavovna Pakulina (daughter)
and Vyacheslav Vjacheslavovich Pakulin (son)  
at the Central Exhibition Hall Manej
in St. Petersburg, Russia
July 2005

Maria Alexandrovna  Fedoricheva.

Born in 1892, she studied at the Baron Shtiglic College in Petrograd, then in VkhuTeMas  (Faculty of Arts). Her degreed work is called «Metallist». Since 1914 she taught painting and drawing in schools and  orphanages. In 1932 she became a member of The Artist’s Union. Maria is Vjacheslav Paculin’s wife and a very talented artist - a master of landscapes, still-lifes and  genre pictures. She inherited her passion for impressionism and influence of her teachers: V.Lebedev, O.Braz, A.Kareev  which can be seen in her paintings. Her works are mainly kept in the Russian Museum.

Vyacheslav Vjacheslavovich Pakulin.

Son of  Vyacheslav Pakulin.  He was born 1950 in Leningrad and died in 2000 in St.Petersburg.

In 1966 he  graduated  art school at  the Institute of Repin. He studied further  in the Institute of Repin  from 1971-1973. In 1974 Vyacheslav  Pakulin  served in the Soviet Army. From 1975 on he  worked as  a  free artist.  In 1990 he became a member of the  The Artist’s Union . His  works are stored in the Russian Museum, in the Central  Exibition Hall  "Manej", and also in private collections in Russia and abroad. Among  existing works (unfortunately, many works -rare still-lifes and infinite landscapes- were destroyed by himself) he has devoted a significant part of his art to the St. Petersburg landscape. The majority of his works are views of  the Michailovskij Castle at different  times of the day and year. It would be possible to see influence of impressionists without effort, if not obvious prevail of fiction.

Ljubov Viacheslavovna Pakulina.

Ljubov Viacheslavovna Pakulina, Vyacheslav Vjacheslavovich Pakulin’s and  Maria Alexandrovna  Fedoricheva’s daughter, opened the exibition.

She continues a genetic line of creativity legendary for St. Petersburg families like the one of the artist Pakulin. She  was born in 1947 in Leningrad. and has graduated from  the Serov’s Art School  in 1968 (Faculty  of Graphic), participated in exhibitions since 1977 and taught in a fine art studio from 1973-1978. The 'Petersburg’ topic is dominating over her creativity. Borisov-Musatov’s works  with their  elegancy are  very close to  Ljubov Viacheslavovna Pakulina’s works. The artist goes from reality to her world of lyrical intimate images.

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