The Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists,
St. Petersburg, Russia

represents the artist Mishchenko and his works
from July19 until August, 21,  2005

A personal exibition of 80year old artist Mishchenko took place at the Arts Center of  the Union in St. Petersburg.

Mr. Mishchenko was born 1920 in the district of Voronej. In 1942 he graduated from the highest naval school and became a member of the Russian Artists Union in 1976. He is a frequent participant of many city shows and international exibitions as well. One could call Mishchenko an "author" of lyrical landscapes and psychological portraits of these difficulty times..

The themes that are closest to his heart are the landscapes of the north and south of his country, especially Leningrad (St.Petersburg) views,and certainly the sea elements, which are so close to a sailor’s life. He definetely paid attention to all the four seasons. The war is a special topic of his work. During that time Mishchenko was in the army, at sea and received a lot of medals for his excellent military service. The humdrum days of the war, the hard work and images of women, sharing the awful burden of those times, personifying  beauty and hope - everything can be found in these paintings.

Mishchenko’s work is trustworthy in the historical and from the artistic aspect. The characters of his portraits are his comrades of his military years - colleagues and naval officers . Their temper and personalities can be felt throughout the author’s works.

It is difficult to classify his works by periods-  art works from the60's  until today are equal and recognizable.

His works are placed at the Naval Museum St. Petersburg as well as in the museums of Petrozavodsk, Ordzhonikidze and is also displayed in private collections throughout the USA, England, Holland, Canada and other contries.