Deceased Russian Masters

Yukin Vladimir Yakovlevich
Born in Mstera 1920. Studied at Ivanovo Art Collage until 1940; Lvov Institute of Applied and Decorative Art until 1948. Active in Vladimir. Began exhibiting 1949. Important shows include "Soviet Russia", Moscow, 1960. Specialised in landscapes. Taught at Mstera Art Professional-Technical School 1948-54. Leading member of Vladimir Shool of landscape painters. Died in Vladimir in 1990th. Paintings in collection of State Russian museum, Vladimir Art Museum.

Rebane Erikh Ioganesovich:


Grachev Mikhail Frolovich:
Born in Petrograd 1913. Studied in Repin Institute until 1948. Active in Leningrad. Began exhibiting
1951. Member of St-Peterburg's Union of Artists. Specialised in landscapes and genre scenes. Author
of series of portraits of the Russian Fair Tales personages. Died in St-Petersburg 2001

Mossakovski Pavel Alexandrovich:
Born 1902. Studied in AKhR/R Central Studios, Moscow, 1926-30. Active in Moscow. Died 1970s.

Vladimir Filaretovich Nesterov:

Born 1910. Active in Leningrad. Member of Leningrad Union of Artists. Died in Leningrad in 1987.

Chuikov Semen Afanasevich:
Born in Bishkek (Kirgizia) 1902. Studied at N.G. Khludov's studio-school, Verny, 1917-20; Turkestan
Regional Art School, Tashkent, 1920-21; RabFak of the Moscow VKhuTeIn 1924-30. Active in Moscowand
in Frunze, Kirgizia (made painting trips to India 1952, 1957,1968). Began exhibiting 1927. Exhibited
with Rost; Oktyabr 1930. Important shows include "Artists of the Russian Federation over Fifteen
Years", Moscow 1933;"Ywenty Years of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army", Moscow, 1938; "All-Union
Art Exhibition", Moscow 1946, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1955; "Soviet Russia", Moscow, 1960; Painted thematic and genre pictures devoted to Kirgiz country life; some revolutionary subjects. Well-known works include On the Frontier (1938; Museum of Eastern Art, Moscow); the Kirgizian Collective Farmer suite, late 1940s, especially A Daughter of Soviet Kirgizia (1948, Tretyakov
Gallery.) Taught in Moscow 1929, 1930; at Institute of Proletarian Visual Arts 1930-32;


Gavriil Kondratevich Malysh:

Zaozerski Boris Konstantinovich:
Born in Gatchina, Leningrad region, 1934. Studied at the Leningrad Art College 1951-54, 1957-59; at the Repin Institute, Leningrad, 1959-65; in the creative studios of the USSR Academy of Arts, Leningrad, 1969-71. Active in Leningrad. Began exhibiting 1965. Taught at the Leningrad Art College 1965-66; at the Leningrad Higher Arts and Grafts College 1966-69; at the Leningrad Intermediate Art School from 1969/71? Died in St-Petersburg 2003

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Alexandr Egidis:   

Alexandr Egidis (1932-2003), self portrait

Note: Some BIO information are used from M. Bown book "A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters"

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