Exhibition of teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts
The Museum of the Academy of Art
17, University Embankment
St. Petersburg, Russia

  From 31st March 31 until April 23rd, 2005

Above-mentioned show is an annual exhibition, presented during springtime when all faculties are showing their artworks.
The exhibition is placed in 2 rooms in the museum of the Academy of arts.
At times the Academy of Arts is criticized  for its color and other times is praised for its figure and composition.
It is not so simple to judge. For example, in Pimenov’s and Sokolov’s workshops the tradition of realistic painting
keeps on continuing. Here the classical still-lifes and the landscapes are rich in their color palette.
The presented pictures are small-sized and are often etudes.
Alltogether there is an opinion that in the same workshop of Pimenov these modern tendencies are not felt
and the reason why is that these type of paintings are demanded by the private sector which places many orders.

Other workshops create a new phase in the Russian painting era.
Many teachers have graduated from Mylnikov’s workshop and the style of their mentor can be found
in their palette and in the construction of a composition.
However it is necessary to remember that Mylnikov himself has created these realistic paintings
during the last 50 years of the 20th century, whose works are published in a book
with the title "Soviet Impressionism ".
The teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts -who evolved from Mylnikov’s workshop-
formed even a little union themselves in the beginning of the 1970's –
the so- called  association FoRUS (the word has been put together of the initial letters of the surnames
Fomin, Repin, Uralov and Suhov).
Together Nikita Fomin, Sergey Repin, Ivan Uralov and Vasily Suhov have produced quite a few
monumental works in St. Petersburg - for example:  mosaics "Seasons" for the subway "Ozerki ", 
mosaics " the Hymn to a City " on a facade, and picture panels "Music of a City" in the foyer of a concert hall
  "St.-Petersburg", a series of pictures "St. Petersburg Carnivals" and panels for the interior of the hotel "Astoria".
The artists presented these paintings on their easels at this exhibition.

Kravtsov’s  work  "Last salute" has become a nurishing soil for many contradictory opinions.
Some say that he depicted dead persons of all generation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War
because of the strong laconism of the figures of veterans
(that however certainly did not enter the artists mind) -
others praise for an actually and reasonableness of a theme,
for a dramatically shown moment of leaving from  life one of the veterans.
Presented also are the works of such well known artists as 
O. Eremeev, V. Sokolov, N. Repin, V. Pesikov, V. Starov, A. Bustrov and others.
This exhibition gives a very good opportunity to see a big diversification of  the art interests
among the teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts.