Academy Students Plein Air studies
in July/August every year

The Academy students always have two practices which are held during their summer vacations in July-August.

The 1st practice is limited to 1-2 courses. They are conducted at "Pushkinskie gory" place, which has been a memorial farm once belonging to the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

The 2nd practice practice usually consists of 2-3 courses and is being held at the Academy's summer place in Alupka, Crimea (Ukraine), a place located directly at the Black Sea.

There are two compositions of each painting which are done in one practice.

Artists shown: Alexey Avilov, Victoria Kurushkina, Ludmila Osipova, Alexander Laushkin, Olga Kireeva, Michael Molyakov, Andrey Kartashov and many more ...


Pushkinskie gory

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