Exhibition of the Degreed Diplomas 2005 (The Best)
at the Museum of St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Art
August 10, 2005 - October 9, 2005

      The sixth year at the Academy of Arts is for students  to write a diploma. During the 5th academic year the students start working on it, gain approval on their sketches, defend the predegree project, etc..

      The best students used to get silver or gold medal that gave them an opportunity to continue their education abroad: in France or Italy. Unfortunately, such an encouragement does not take place nowadays.

       Until the 20th century creating the final work, based on  an biblical or antique plot,  was necessary for all students of the Academy of Art -  they were offered one topic and the best work was being chosen by competitive score. Those limits ended in "The riot of 14", the refusal of students to prepare works on the topic they were given.

       For the time being, a student is able to choose any topic for his/her diploma. The most popular topics are: "The War", "The Family" and "The Artist". The popularity of  biblical and antique plots are on the increase.

      The best works, picked from all the workshops, emissing  professionals in the fields of  easel painting, monumental painting, icon painting Faculty, Faculty of graphic arts  and sculpture, are represented in the exhibition.

artist: Sergey Rozhnov

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