*St.Petersburg in the Eyes of the Artists*, 
(an art exhibition dedicated to celebrating  
the city’s 300th anniversary)
February, 2003 - part 1 -
(participant of this exhibition are many artists from St-Petersburg,
Moscow, Vladimir, Pskov, Kostroma, Kirov and Kazahstan)

The show was presented in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", 
St. Petersburg, Russia.
All the paintings came from the collections of 
The State Russian Museum, 
The St-Peterburg's Union of Artists, 
The Moscow's Union of Artists, 
The Museum of St-Peterburg's History, etc.



Central Exhibition Hall ManezhCentral Exhibition Hall ManezhCentral Exhibition Hall ManezhCentral Exhibition Hall Manezh
artist: Tatyana Gorb. * 1935artist:  E. Kostenko *1926artist: Oleg Gadalov
artist: V.Kharlov *1949artists: Alexei *1925 and Sergei Tkachev *1922artists: Dmitri Oboznenko 1930
artist: Gritsai Jr.artist: Yukin
artist: Yukinartist: Vasily Sherbakov *1935artist: N. Fedosov 1939-1992
artist: V. Oreshnikovartist: M.Kaneevartist: V. Orlovskyartist: M. Abakumov 1948



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