Irina Vishnevskaya

Irina was born 1968 in the city of Odessa (Ukraine).
From 1984-1989 she studied at the artschool *Grekov* in Odessa and from 1986-1989 at the artschool *Serov* in St-Petersburg.
From 1989-1991 Irina worked as a teacher in a children’s art school in Kronshtadt and from
1991-2000 she studied in St-Petersburg at the Academy of Fine Art (also called Repin Institute) in the painting department, studio of Prof. Kichko.
She graduated from the Academy of Fine Art with her diploma painting called “Early Snow”. 

Main Exhibitions:
1998. Personal Exhibition. Odessa
1990. Personal Exhibition. Kronshtadt
1991. Exhibition of young artists of St-Petersburg. 
1992. Exhibition of the teachers of the children’s artschool in Kronshtadt
1992. Exhibition of the city’s artists in Kronshtadt
1998-2000. Traditional spring and autumn group exhibitions of artists -also members of the St-Petersburg’s Union of Artists-.

Irina works and lives  in St-Petersburg and is a member of the St-Petersburg’s Union of Artists since 2001.She has a beautiful little daughter named Masha which often models for Irina's paintings. 

Irina’s art is happy and light and really in the best tradition of impressionistic style.
Her paintings are in many private collections of Russia, Scandinavia, USA, France, etc.
She is one of the few famous and interesting young artists in Russia now.