Boris Zaosersky *1934

Boris was born 1934 in the city of Gatchina (St-Petersburg region). From 1950-1957 he studied at the Rerikh Art School in St. Petersburg.  From 1959-1965 he studied at the Repin Art Institute (St-Petersburg Academy of Art) and was a student of the famous Russian artists/professors Oreshnikov, Ugarov and Reikhet.

Since 1967 Boris is a participant of many exhibitions and is involved in more then 50 All-Russian Exhibitions. He is also a member of the St-Petersburg's Union of Artists since 1972 as well as a creative association called "Guild of Painters".

He taught for 20 years at the *Ioganson* Art School at the St-Petersburg Academy of Art.

Paintings of Zaosersky are to be found in:

- Museum of the History of the city St- Petersburg;
- Museum of Defense, Leningrad;
- Museum of the Academy of Art, St-Petersburg;
- Art gallery of city Murmansk (Russia);

as well as in many private collections of USA, England, Germany, France, Spain and Korea.


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