"Penates" Museum, 
I.E. Repin's country estate
Part I

Branch of The Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts

(*Penates* in ancient Roman mythology were gods of well-being, protectors of family and home. Later the word became a synonym of home and family hearth).

This on line collection is reproduced with the permission of the Penates Museum.


"Penates" museum, I.E. Repin's country estate, is a unique monument of Russian culture of the late XIX - early XX century. In 1999 "Penates" was 100 years old.

45 kilometers outside of St Petersburg, in the picturesque village of Kuokkala (today called Repino) the famous artist Ilya Efimovich Repin spent the last 30 years of his life. Here he died on September 29, 1930, and was buried in the area of the park he had selected earlier where everything was made with his own hands and according to his plans: ponds, paths, pergolas. Repin devised his "Penates" to the Academy of Fine Arts.

The museum was founded in 1940 as a filial branch of The Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. During World War II in June, 1944 the museum was destroyed. In 1962 it was restored. The saved exhibits and works of art took their former places. Again you enter the park through the carved gate with the inscription saying "Penates". The unusual structure of the two story house is a successful combination of old Russian architecture and the northern wooden modern. The verandas,
the steep slopes of the glass roof and the transparent ceiling let plenty of light into the artist's studio. In the house everything is exactly as in Repin's time: the entrance hall with the copper gong and the "self help" poster, the study where the artist wrote his famous book of memoirs "Far Away, Close Up", the sitting room, the dining room with the unusual round table that allowed guests to manage without servants. The museum exhibits over 100 Repin's paintings. Beside the paintings and drawings here his personal belongings are displayed: brushes, suspended palette, work shirt, berets, models' costumes and various household utensils creating the inimitable atmosphere of the "Penates".

Many prominent figures of Russian culture visited the artist. On Wednesdays Repin organized literary musical parties that were attended by V. Stasov, M. Gorky, A. Kuprin, L. Andreev, V. Mayakovsky, T. Kyi, F. Shaliapin, B. Asafiev and many others.

The museum visitors can learn about Repin's life in the "Penates" from a recorded commentary in 20 languages. At the end of the tour a museum expert will answer questions. Nowadays the museum is also a scientific center,  researching Repin's work.

The tour in Russian language lasts 40 minutes, in  foreign languages 30-35 minutes. If agreed upon in advance, the program of visiting the museum outside working hours can include, for additional payment, a light supper at Repin's table. It is also possible to organize business meetings and literary musical parties. In Repin's summer studio temporary exhibitions are organized, including those of modern artists.


"Penates" museum, I.E. Repin's country estate is open all year around.

June 1 to September 1 - from 10.30 till 17.00.
September 1 to June 1 - from 10.30 till 16.00.
Day off -   Tuesday.
Entrance fees: 
Foreigners - 20 rubles
Russians - 10 rubles.
Retirees, students and schoolchildren - 2 rubles.

Address of the museum: 189648, St Petersburg, Repino, Primorskoye highway,
Telephones:            231-68-28, 231-68-34.