Zhao Kailin Biography

Zhao Kailin, a professional full-time artist. He was born in December, 10,1961 in Bengbu, which is a little city located in the south of China.
He was keen on painting from his childhood and from the age of nine started formal training painting followed his first teacher of elementary school, who was both kind and strict. Above all, she was an important person guiding him in the art career.

From that time he has taken part in numerous of exhibitions for Children’s in Bengbu, Anhui.
In 1989, he entered the oil painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.
Member of China Artist Association.

2,2002. Affordable Art Fair, London, British
1,2002. Kailstudio Artists Group Exhibition, Frames Contemporary Gallery, Perth, Scotland
10,2001 International Art Exposition, Toronto, Canada.
11,2000 International Art Exposition, Toronto, Canada.
10,2000 New Journeys beyond the Silk Road, Oil painting exhibition for kailstudio, Utopia                    gallery, Cairns, Australia.
10,2000. International Art Fair of The Western Coast, Las Vegas Art Fair2000, Las Vegas, America.
7,2000. Exhibition held for kailstudio, Powell Street Gallery, San Francisco, America.
11,1997 ‘Out of China’ Exhibition, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1997 . ‘Tone’, China Renowned Oil Painters’ Works Auction, Art House Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8,1996. Ancient Orient China Tibetan Art Exchange, Los Angles,America.
5,1996. Founded Kailstudio , Bengbu, China.
10,1995. ‘Xiao Xiao at Studio’, ‘Girl with Fan’, China International Art Exposition, Beijing, China.
12,1993. England &Chinese Culture–Art Exchange, London, England.
1993. ‘Girl with Cat’, Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition,
Art House Gallery, kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
10,1991 ‘A Lady Portrait’, China Fine arts Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
11,1991. ‘silence’, China Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition for 20-year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

5,1994. Zhao Kailin’s oil painting Exhibition, Kurt

Svenssons Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
5,1992. Zhao Kailin Oil Painting Exhibition,
Kurt Svenccons Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
5, 1991. Zhao Kailin Oil Painting Exhibition,
Kurt Svenssons Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
11,1990. Zhao Kailin Realism Oil Painting Exhibition
Mexico Embassy in China, Beijing, China.
1992 ‘Flank’, Silver Brand Prize ,The West
Lake Fine Arts Exhibition, Hangzhou, China.
1991 ‘A Lady Portrait’, Second-Class prize, China Fine Arts Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
1989 ‘Rest’, The Second – Class prize ,
Calligraphy and Paintings Exhibition held by China Construction Ministry PUBLICATION
5,2002 ‘Qiqi by the door’, Cape Cod Arts Journal, Boston, USA
10,2000 Cairns Post Paper, North Queens land, Australia.
10,2000 Special gather news by Australian SBS Station, Australia.
8,1999 Special column, Anhui daily, Anhui, China.
5,1998 Special report on BengbuTV Station, “Zhao Kailin’s Oil painting”, Anhui, China.
1996 ‘The note wafted with wind’, News Daily, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
11,1996 ‘The note wafted with wind’, China Literature Paper, back cover Of Fine Arts Magazine, Beijing, China.
1990 ‘North of the Great Wall’, collected by Mexico Embassy.
1991 ‘Song in May’, ‘Young Girl’, collected by countess Ms Marilia Stockholm, Sweden
1992 ‘Snow Region’, Lars Eric Ericsson The nomarch , Sweden.
1993 ‘The Girl plays Flut’, ‘autumn’, Ms. Lida.Tan. San Diego, America.
1994 ‘The Girl on Sunshine’, President of Aurino Woodworks Co.Ltd. Mr. Jams. Aurino.
1997 ‘Wild Mum’, Mr.Jams, Vice President of Los Angles stockjobber, Los Angles, America.
1998 ‘Permanent feeling’, ‘Red Bonnet’, Mr. OdonWagner, The Gallery Owner., Toronto, Canada.
2000 ‘Early Sunshine’, Ms Lineke Salmeron , The Gallery
Owner. Cairns North Queens land, Australia.


1997 ‘Silence morning’, Christie’s London Spring Auction, London, Britain
1995 ‘Xiaoxiao at studio’, Christie’s HongKong Autumn Auction, Hong Kong.
1995 ‘May, still that a song’, Beijing RongBao Autumn Auction, Beijing, China.
1991 ‘Flut’, Contemporary Art Auction, Hong Kong.
1991-1994 Signing a contract with Kurt Svenssons Gallery , Sweden .
1997-1999 Signing a contract with Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
7, 2000 Signing a contract with Powell Street Gallery, San
Francisco, America.

The artist has visited a lot of places in the world such as Europe, America and Asia. A large quantity of his oil paintings have been exhibited in many prestigious public collections and win the extensive flavor of clients all over the world.