Zhang Wen Xin Biography

Since coming to this country in 1987 from Tianjin, China Zhang WenXin has gained widespread recognition from both collectors and artists who see in his work a great talkent.  Many of his collectors are, in fact, artists themselves.  He is recognized as a master colorist.
Zhang became a student of art at the North China University, and later transferred to the Beijing University where he became an instructor.  He advocates 19th century realism as taught by the Russian Impressionism.  A quote from one of his advanced students:  "If people knew the quality of this man's art, they would be standing in line to get into his class." 

Zhang has had many one-man shows throughout the west.  He has been a quest artist at the Prix de West Show and has won numerous major awards at the Oil Painters of America Show.  He has been featured in many magazines including Southwest Art,  Art Talk, and Art of the West.  He has published several books on his art that are very popular with artists and collectors alike.