Wei Min Zhao Biography

Born in the family of a prestigious sculptor and professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Wei Min Zhao was continually surrounded by artist. His formal art training began at Central Academy of Arts and Design in Beijing, China. At age 20, one of his works had been selected to exhibit in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing. Wei Min came to America in 1979 to study at Massachusetts College of Arts in Boston were he finished his Degree.
    In 1986, his portrait painting of Mr. Collin won the award for the National Jurried Competition Exhibition in The Central Gallery in New York. During his stay in the east coast, Wei Min participated in many solo and group shows and has been published in many art magazines. His murals, portraits and landscape paintings have been collected by many hotels and private collectors.
    Wei Min and his wife Chun Liu and their children currently live in Southern California to work for the animation studios. However the beauty of western landscapes constantly captures his imagination and re-candles his true love of impressionist plein-air painting.