Shuqiao Zhou Biography

Shuqiao Zhou was born in China in 1938. Mr. Zhou graduated from Guangzhou Fine Art Academy where he worked at Guangzhou Art Studio as a Professor of Creative Arts. He then became Director of the Oil Painting Department and also Vice President of Guangzhou Art Academy. Zhou is a member of China's National Association of Artists, a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America, and the California Art Club. His work has appeared in shows throughout the world and hangs in the permanent collections of The Chinese National Museum, and The Museum of Revolution and History in Beijing. He has received various awards including the Oil Painters of America's "American National Award of Excellence for Best of Show". In addition, Zhou's work has been published in The Best of Portrait Painting. In 1987 Zhou was invited to become an Artist in Residence at Occidental College, and has lived in the Los Angeles area since that time. For more information on artist Shuquiao Zhou please contact the gallery.