Luo Tong Biography 

Born in Huai Yang County of Henan Province, China in 1969, Tong Luo graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Guanzhou in 1994. An extremely gifted young artist, Tong was one of only thirty students selected from across China to be accepted at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing to pursue post-graduate studies.

Tong’s work is a compelling combination of light and contrast, specializing in landscapes and figurative work that depict people moving along in their daily rhythms and routines. His attention to detail is meticulous and his portrayals of these life situations are accomplished with sensitivity and compassion.

Tong is the recipient of several awards in China including the Luo Zhong Li Scholar Prize in 1997 and the Mei Yuan Cup Award for painting in 2000. He is also featured in several art publications in Asia