Liu Gaofeng Biography

Liu Gaofeng was born in Anhui Province, China, in 1964. He graduated from the Department of Art at the United University of Bengbu in 1984. Afterwards, he entered the School of Studies Superior Industry at the Luz of Zheng Zhou, where he has a Degree of Studies. Now, he is lecturer of Arts and Dexterities at the School of Anhui.
His series of paintings of the mountainous Regions of Qingzang have been shown in Hong Kong and Singapore, and his works were chosen in the Exhibition of Excellent Oil Paintings which rotates in the south of Asia, promoted by the Gallery of Art of China, where some of his works were obtained by collectors. The series "Lifestyles" was exhibited in Malaysia, America, Canada and Australia.

The oil paintings of Liu Gaofeng demonstrates the traditional realistic method, firm portraits, reality and tranquility, the exquisite atmosphere of feelings and the artist's internal world for the real painter's language. His work reflects the artist's true feelings, its thought and perception. He is represented exclusively in the United States by Gallery Carla in San Francisco.