Kang Cho Biography

Kang Cho’s childhood provided a strong foundation for his fine art career. Growing up in Korea he often wandered in fields near his home, painting what he saw. He came to the United States from Korea in 1969 when he was a sophomore in high school. In 1973 Cho received a full scholarship to the American Academy of Art in Chicago and has since traveled around the world in search of an interesting variety of subject matter. “When I paint on location I like to go where the local people hang out,” he says. “I like to look at the architecture, how the street curves, the human elements, what creates a romantic side. I like old buildings, not high rises.” He also paints scenes from nature on location, striving to capture changes in light and the mood evoked. Cho’s paintings are realistically clear with expressive brushwork. His handling of light and water is especially sensitive and keen. Cho has been painting professionally for 20 years. He says, “I paint what I see and how I feel about what I see. When I was younger I was more mechanically oriented. But now since I passed 40, I now feel a bit more philosophical than technical about the art.” Cho lives in Colorado where he teaches a workshop once a year.