Jang Guo Fang Biography

"Jiang Guo Fang was born in Jiang Xi in 1951.  He received his formal training when he enrolled in the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1974.   Shortly after his graduation in 1978, Jiang was appointed to stay and teach in the same faculty.  In 1979 he was transferred to teach in the Arts Department at the Central Institute of Drama.  Between 1984-85 Jiang further studied in the Oil Painting Workshop at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Throughout the 80s, Jiang participated in exhibitions held in the Mainland China.  In the 90s, he brought his works to a wider audience.  In 1993 he has held three exhibitions in Hong Kong.  His works have also been shown in Tresor d’Art in Singapore (1993) , Art Asia ’93 and ’94 in Hong Kong and various art fairs and exhibitions held in Thailand (1995), Belgium (1995), Taiwan (1995) and Berlin (1998).

Jiang became a professional artist in 1998.  He depicts the Forbidden City as a glamorous yet melancholic way of living."