Jackie Chiu Biography

I grew up in Taiwan at a time when art was not considered as a proper career. Therefore, my artistic inclination was strongly suppressed early on. I got a Master Degree in biological science and worked as a medical technologist.

In 1992, I went to a portrait workshop to rekindle my love for art.  In the ensuing four years, I painted portraits on weekends regularly and taught myself how to use the various media.
During that period,  I won many awards at local shows.I felt encouraged by my progress, but at the same time was frustrated by a lack of guidance. In 1997, I resigned from my job to devote more time to painting.

I have studied with Joseph Mendez, Shu-giao Zhou and Jove Wang.

My paintings have been exhibited in various national shows.
Although I paint different subject matter, my primary interests are in human activities.