Heather Yeng He Biography

Heather Ying He was born in China in 1961. Heather received her degree in oil painting from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art in 1982.
From 1982 to 1984 Heather worked in China as a Designer at the Advertisement Design Institute of Henan Province. She then taught at Henan University from 1985 to 1991 while serving as a Board Member of the Oil Painting Society of Henan Province, and as a Member of the Evaluation Committee of Provincial Art Exhibitions.

In 1992 Heather imagrated to the United States. Her diverse works include still life, landscape, animal and portrait paintings in a variety of mediums. Her works have been widely exhibited throughout both China and the United States including exhibits at galleries in Taos, New Mexico, Laguna, California, Los Angeles, California, and Park City Utah.

 Ying He's Awards and Honors include, "Best Instructor of : Henan University" in 1990. First Prize; "Henan Province Fine Arts Exhibition" in 1983. Second Prize; "Henan Province Folk Arts Exhibition" in 1985. Mentioned in a 1997 feature story in Art Talk as one of eight Chinese artists, "Whose ability to connect with American art buyers is nothing less than a major phenomenon in the U.S. art market."