This page is dedicated to my dearest friend Franziska Raza-Graf
(great-grand niece of Prof. H. Urban)

Biography of
Professor Herman Urban
 - Fine German Artist -

*1866 New Orleans/LA, USA -
+1948 Bad Aibling, Bavaria/Germany

To be able to present Prof. Hermann Urban's life and works was mostly possible thanks to the  Galerie Franz Gailer or Galerie Markt Bruckmuehl by Bad-Aibling and to Gabriela Raza in Bad-Aibling which is also a great grand-niece of Prof H. Urban and spouse of the already deceased artist Aziz Raza.
Unfotunately the quality of the paintings are not the best due to the fact that the two catalogs used (1984 and 1994) were printed mostly in black and white.

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