Original Desginer Dolls For Sale

I am a private collector, cleaning out the closets to make room for more ... :-)
All of the shown 5 dolls have rarely been out of their boxes, just need a
good brushing for the slight settled dust and are coming from a smokefree
These dolls have been a collectors dream, many are not available
anymore and of course have gone up in their prices.

left to right:

a)  Sigikid Desginer I. Wippler "Kristin", # 28504 - 121/300, vinyl, 1995
       (with orig.certificate+orig. box)
, abt 28 3/4" tall
      (eyes painted in freehand technique, genuine hair, leathershoes)
        $699.00 in 1995

b)  Waltershaeuser Designer Vera
Scholz "Annalee", # 312-800, porcellain, 1996
with orig. certificate+orig. box), abt 31" tall
       (the doll was manufactures by hand after the artist's original in porcellain, applying the highest possible quality
         standards. It features genuine glass eyes, a human hair wig, leather shoes and expensive clothing. The doll's
         head, breast piece and it's arms and legs are made out of the new high quality biggidur" material, which gives
         the doll  a unique lifelike skin appearance.

$588.00 in 1996

c)   Designer Kathy
Samuelson "Kayla", one-of-a-kind art doll, lim. ed. 25, resin, 1996

      $795.00 in 1996

Puppenkinder Desginer Annette Himstedt "Charly", 1996
(with original certificate and original box)
, abt 22 1/4" tall
(Charly is a small shy boy (57cm) and abt 5 years  old. His ginger
brown hair (mohair) is hidden under a cheeky leather baeball cap. His
trousers and waistcoat are made of specialy treated brown linen and
cotton cloth and his shirt is cut in white linen with a stand-up collar -
all of which emphasizes his adventorous nature. On his feet he is
black, handknitted knee-length socks and exclusively
manufactures in brown
leather lace-up shoes. Annette's monogram is
engraved on their soles. On the
rear, lower side neck ball a control
number is written by hand as is printed
on the individual photo certificate.
$685.00 in 1996

M. Wanke
, English Designer, 1985
#0974/1000, did not come with box.
has human hair, eyes, lashes and brows
are painted on. 17 1/4" tall. her head,
hands and legs are made out of

$500.00 in 1985

The Ashton Drake Galleries,
Designer Kathy Barry-Hippensteel ", 1996

# 3183FD (with original certificate) -
of the series "Victorian Dreamers" collection, porcellain)
abt 9" tall, 10" long
$49.95 in 1996