Some notes about my fine art painting collection...

Although I have assembled a fairly extensive collection of art paintings here (which I do not own!!), it is necessary that I point out that I am not an art historian - I just love fine art. I do not have any special training or education in art, art history or the artists themselves. While I may occasionally have a few comments about a particular artist or picture, these are generally no more than one would receive when talking to an art dealer, friends, etc.. For the most part, I usually don't have any additional information beyond that which is shown on my web pages. 

I am very happy if you enjoy this collection of paintings. Please be kind enough to accept the fact (and to not get angry) when I fail to respond to your email regarding these pages. After all, this is just a spare time hobby and if I had to answer dozens of questions it might not be fun anymore. The fact is that I am simply too busy to answer questions and even if I did, I'm no authority on the subject anyway. Your best bet for obtaining additional information is simply to use one of the popular internet search engines like Yahoo or Alta Vista  which is exactly what I would do if I was looking for the same info. 

With sincere thanks, 
Brigitte Gastel Lloyd  - April 14, 1998