Biography of Kevin Macpherson, Fine Artist

Born in New Jersey, Kevin Macpherson studied art extensively in the United States. After years as a successful freelance illustrator in Phoenix, Arizona, Kevin moved to Taos, New Mexico in l987 to pursue his goals as a fine artist.


Northern Arizona University, Bachelor in Fine Art, l978. Has taken numerous classes at Scottsdale Artists' School since l986 to present. 

Selected Shows:

Invitational, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Fifth Annual Miniature Show, (1997)

Invitational, "Paintings of the Mission San Juan Capistrano", Carnegie Art Museum, (l996) (California Art Club)

Invitational Miniature show, Albuquerque Museum, (95, 96, 97, 98)
Invitational American Landscape, Big Horn Galleries, (l995)

Invitational American Art in Miniature l994, Gilcrease Museum, (Tulsa, OK)

Invitational Miniatures l994, White Oak Gallery, (Edina, MN)

Spring Invitational Miniature Show, J. N. Bartfield Galleries, (NY, NY), l994

Alumni Invitational Show, Northern Arizona University, "Current Directions" (Flagstaff, AZ), l994

Settlers West American Invitational Miniature Show, (Tucson, AZ) l994, 1995, l996, 1997, 998

Plein-Aire Painters of America Invitational Show, (Avalon, CA), l987, 88, 89, 90, 9l, 94, 95, 96, 97

Peppertree Invitational Show, (Santa Inez, CA), l988, l989, l990, l99l

Fallbrook Invitational Show, (Fallbrook, CA), l988, l989, l990

Center for the Arts of the Southwest, Invitational Show, (Santa Fe, NM), "Taos Art; A New Decade", l990

Taos Impressionist Show, (Invitational), (Taos, NM), l989, l990, l99l, l992

Taos Spring Arts Celebration Show, (Invitational),  (Taos, NM), l990, l99l, l992, l993

Taos Invites Taos Invitational Show, (Taos, NM), l992, l993, l994, l995, 1996

St. Louis, Missouri Athletic Club Invitational Show, l990, l993, l996

Northern Arizona University, (Flagstaff, AZ), Invitational Alumni Exhibition, l990

Mountain Oyster Club Invitational Show, (Tucson, AZ), l989

Mesa Southwest Museum, (Invitational) (Mesa, AZ), l988

Arizona State Capitol, (Invitational), (Phoenix, AZ), l987

Scottsdale Invitational, (Scottsdale, AZ), l987

One man show at Trailside Gallery, (Scottsdale, AZ), 1996
One man show at Redfern Gallery, (Laguna, CA), 94, 95, 97

One man show at O'Brien's Art Emporium, (Scottsdale, AZ), l989, l992, 1994

One man show at Taos Art Gallery, (Taos, NM), l989

2 Person show at Greenhouse Gallery, (San Antonio, TX), 1996

2 Person show at Dodson Gallery, (Okl. City, OK), l993

2 man show at Venture Fine Arts, (Tucson, AZ), l989, l99l

3 Person show at O'Brien's Art Emporium (Scottsdale, AZ), l994

Four man show "Four to Watch", O'Brien's Art Emporium,  (Scottsdale, AZ), l987

Publications, Written By The Artist

Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light And Color, Published by North Light Books, 12/96

Seeing Beyond The Obvious, Published by The Artist's Magazine 6/97

Painting Small, Fast And Light, Published by The Artist's Magazine, 10/93

Selected Publications 

Article On Artist

Art of the West, July/Aug. 1997 
Southwest Art, "Creative Process", Feb., 1997 
Art Talk, March l996 
Scottsdale Life, December l994 
Art Talk, November l994 
Western Horseman, May 1994 
Focus/Santa Fe, Aug/Sept. l993 
Southwest Profile, May l992 
Southwest Art, November l989 
Art of the West, Nov/Dec l989 
Art of the West, Nov/Dec l988 
Art Talk, "Artists' Worth Watching", February l988 
The Phoenix Gazette, Article, November l987 
News Sun, View, October l0, l986 
Who's Who In American Art, l990 to present 

Selected Publications Art Work Appeared In:

Arizona Highways, Oct l987, May l987Junel988, December l988

National Affiliations: 

Signature Member of Plein Air Painters of America, President (l996, 1997, 1998) 
Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of America 
Member of The California Art Club 

National Awards: 

Invitational Plein Air Carmel Show, Gold Medal, 1997

Artist's Magazine, Finalist, Landscape, 1997
Honorable Mention, Landscape, l993
Third Place, Floral l993

Oil Painters of America, Master Signature Member, (Current)
Peoples' Choice Award, l996
Corporate Nat'l. Award (2nd Place), l995
Jurors' Choice Award, l995
Franklin Mint of Excellance, l994

Oil Painters of America, Grumbacher Gold Medallion, l993, Best Landscape, l992

Arts for the Parks, (Jackson Hole, WY), (Top 200), l992, l995

Stacey Scholarship, Cowboy Hall of Fame, (Okl. City, OK), Recipient l990)

Amarillo National Landscape Competition, Amarillo, TX), Best of Show, l987

Best & The Brightest Show, (Scottsdale Artists' School), (Scottsdale, AZ),
Second Place and Purchase Award, l986, Third Place l989

Oil Painters of America, Best of Show, (Regional) l995, Best of Show, (Regional) l993

Visions of New Mexico, (Juried Show) First Place l988

Parada Del Sol, Best of Show, (Juried Show), (Scottsdale, AZ), l988


Workshop in La Rochelle, France, 8/95

Plein Air Painters of America workshop/seminar, 9/97

Scottsdale Artists' School, (Scottsdale, AZ), 11/90, 3/90, 3/91, 3/92, 1/93, 1/94, 1/95,1/96, 1/97, 1/98

Scottsdale Artists' School (Jackson Hole, WY) Aug l994

Scottsdale Artists' School, (Steamboat Springs, CO), Aug. l99l, Aug. l992

Art in the Aspens, (Aspen, CO), September l994, July 1997

Art Guild, (Pleasonton, CA), October l995

Art Guild, (Houston,TX), April l994, March 1997

Artists and Craftsman Associated, (Dallas, TX), 4/92, 4/95, 10/96

Art Guild, (Beaumont, TX), April l99l

Art Guild, (Oklahoma City, OK), 4/9l, 4/93

Art Guild, (Austin, TX), 4/9l, 4/93, 4/94

Macpherson workshop, (Taos, NM), May l99l, Aug. l99l, May l992, Aug. l992, June l993, June l994, June l995, June l996, June 1997
Taos Art Insitutute, (Taos, NM), July l989