artist: W. Herbert Dunton  (1878-1936)
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Taos Founders:
Later arrivals who joined The Taos Society of Artists: Associate Members:
Honorary Members:

Edgar L. Hewett
Frank Springer

Second wave of artists included:

Ten Members of The Taos Society
of Artists, ca. 1932

Standing left to right:  Walter Ufer, W.Herbert Dunton, Victor Higgins, Kenneth Adams. Seated left to right:   Joseph H. Sharp, E.Martin Hennings, E. Irving Couse, Oscar E. Berninghaus. Front row, left to right:  Bert G. Phillips, Ernest L. Blumenschein

Introductory Article:

When Ernest L. Blumenschein and Bert Phillips, two young artists who were traveling by wagon from Denver to Mexico in 1898, lost a wagon wheel some place north of Taos and were forced to head here for repairs, little did they know they were soon to start a trickle of artists into the Taos valley that would swell for the next forty years. A flood of artists and writers came to Taos for the native people, the landscape, the light, the silence. As D.H. Lawrence said, "Taos is a state of mind." it was. And is. 
These two men were the first of the famous Seven who came to Taos first and whose paintings now hang in most of the museums in America. They are: Phillips, Blumenschein, Oscar Edmund Berninghaus, Victor Higgins, E. Irving Couse, Joseph Henry Sharp and Walter Ufer. By 1915 there were enough artists painting in Taos that the Taos Society of Artists was formed. 
Before a year was up, the art scene, already lively and contentious, was further activated by the arrival of Maurice Sterne and his wife Mabel who was soon to take her place as the queen of this southwestern Bohemia. 
Mabel's presence here soon elicited visits from her famous artists friends and the "golden age" of Taos began. After she divorced Sterne to marry Tony Luhan from Taos Pueblo, the Honorable Dorothy Brett, with her brass ear-trumpet named Toby arrived with D.H. and Frieda Lawrence. Mabel, Frieda and Brett were friendly, if public, rivals for the rest of their lives. Old timers speak of this period with great fondness. One could visit the Don Fernando Hotel at any time and see someone interesting, if not both interesting and famous. Parties--with legal liquor after Prohibition and with plenty of illegal liquor during (rum runners from Mexico arriving at 3 a.m. like clockwork)--were great centers of conversation where exciting people did and said exciting things. 
Invited by Mabel, Georgia O'Keeffe was soon on the scene to add the strokes of her brush and more good talk when Mabel and she fought and she left Mabel's to take up residence, first at the newly built Sagebrush Inn, then for many years in Abiquiu. 
Skiing was already becoming popular in the late 1920's. Skis were ordered from Sears, Roebuck; the men often skied shirtless; and the cabin in Taos Canyon which served as a skiing headquarters saw many competitions among the ladies for fabulous lunch preparations. 

Taos today exhibits the fruits of this sometimes arduous, often frivolous, early art colony. There are many galleries, museums, fabulous ski slopes, places to wine and dine and a raft of late twentieth century Bohemians. 

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